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McAfee Web Gateway 7 : Can't connect to DC

Hi Guy,

Need your advise on this issue:

from the beginning, i was able to join domain on MWG but after few day, i found that the connection to AD domain controller is broke but on the windows membership still in GREEN color, i has do few testing as below all is ok.

  • loggin MWG  - ping the domain controller IP and hostname - OK!
  • telnet the domain controller with port 445 - OK!
  • overwrite existing account is checked - OK!

and i decide to remove the and rejoin the AD but fail " Can't connect to DC". and i was attach the error log on here.

Please Advise!




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Level 17

Re: McAfee Web Gateway 7 : Can't connect to DC

Hi Chris,

to ensure DNS is working correctly, please refer to this thread:

It is important that forward and reverse DNS are working. Please have a look into the thread and try to enter the DC into the /etc/hosts file and retry. If this still does not help I would recommend to file a ticket with support, and send a feedback to them for review.



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