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McAfee SNS Notice vs KB69988

McAfee SNS Notice tells us to upgrade McAfee Web Gateway when using an earlier build than 7612, KB69988 tells us to upgrade when using an earlier build than 6712...what is correct?

McAfee has incorporated an updated McAfee Web Gateway Anti-Malware Engine (2010.1) in the recent McAfee Web Gateway version 6 and version 7 releases. With this availability, McAfee has scheduled the End of Life (EOL) date for the previous Web Gateway Anti-Malware Engine (2009.3) for February 1, 2011.

If you use the McAfee Web Gateway Anti-Malware Engine, please note the following important information and dates:

McAfee Web Gateway version 7: All McAfee Web Gateway 7 customers are already running the latest Anti-Malware Engine (2010.1). All customers running McAfee Web Gateway 7 are not affected.

McAfee Web Gateway version 6: All customers running McAfee Web Gateway 6 need to upgrade to 6.8.7 (build 7612) or later by January 31, 2011. McAfee Web Gateway 6.8.7 (build 7612) and later includes the latest Anti-Malware Engine (2010.1). As of the date of this announcement, the current McAfee Web Gateway 6 version is 6.8.7 (build 8378). If you are running an older version than build 7612, McAfee recommends a direct update to the newest build 8378.

McAfee Web Gateway version 6 customers unable to upgrade: McAfee will deliver the latest Anti-Malware Engine (2010.1) to McAfee Web Gateway versions 6.8.5 and later on January 31, 2011 through the regularly scheduled updates. For all versions later than 6.8.5 but earlier than 6.8.7 (build 7612), this forced upgrade will lead to issues when using centralized update in a cluster. If you are unable to migrate to 6.8.7 or later, centralized updates must be disabled. As additional testing may reveal more incompatibilities, McAfee highly recommends upgrading to 6.8.7 build 7612 or later.

McAfee will stop providing new Anti-Malware Engine updates for McAfee Web Gateway versions earlier than 6.8.5 on February 1, 2011.
For additional information, see KnowledgeBase article KB69988:


Corporate KnowledgeBase
Web Gateway: Anti-Malware Engine 2010.1 update issue for Web Gateway versions later than 6.8.5 and earlier than 6.8.7 Build 6712

Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:            KB69988
Last Modified:            September 17, 2010

McAfee Web Gateway versions later than 6.8.5 and earlier than 6.8.7 Build 6712
If you are currently running Web Gateway versions later than 6.8.5 and earlier than 6.8.7 Build 6712, you are not receiving the new Anti-Malware Engine 2010.1, but continue to get updates for Anti-Malware Engine 2009.3. The 2009.3 engine will be End of Life (EOL) February 1, 2011.

You are strongly advised to upgrade your Web Gateway installation to version 6.8.7 Build 6712 or later before this EOL date.
If you are not able to upgrade to Web Gateway 6.8.7 Build 6712 or later, your version 6.8.5 or later Web Gateway will receive a forced update to the 2010.1 engine on January 31, 2011. If you are using centralized updates in your environment, this forced update might lead to update failures at this time. Due to the increased size of the new engine, Web Gateway might not be able to distribute the updates in your cluster before an internal timeout occurs.

    * Upgrade to 6.8.7 Build 6712 or later. From this build going forward, the internal timeouts will not cause an issue with the 2010.1 engine.
    * If an upgrade is not possible, disable centralized updates for your environment before January 31, 2011.

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Re: McAfee SNS Notice vs KB69988


The information stated in the SNS is correct, i. e. it is required to upgrade to at least version 6.8.7, build 7612. The information in the KB is wrong and we are going to correct that.

Thank you very much for making us aware.

Best regards

Oliver Charles

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Re: McAfee SNS Notice vs KB69988

Thank you very much for quick reply.

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