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McAfee-GW-Edition False Positives Make Me Rage

How long you are considering to remove or not FALSE POSITIVES?

I sent to you 2 letters:

Analysis ID: 7379364

Analysis ID: 7379369

It was on 18.01.2013 17:30 CET

48 hours left, VirusTotal still mark my files as red on your column...

McAfee-GW-Edition          Heuristic.LooksLike.Win32.Suspicious.J!86          20130120

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Re: McAfee-GW-Edition False Positives Make Me Rage


I am sorry for the problems and inconveniences.

I talked to one of the support guys and he told me that for submission it usually takes 24-48 hours to review a submission. The correct procedure to file submissions is described in KB article KB62662 in case you want to review.

I am not sure if McAfee Labs has enough people working on the weekens to respond to all queries in time, so I personally would allow them until tomorrow morning to deliver a response. In case you don't receive an answer (or refuse to wait any longer) please file a service request with the technical support group for the product (McAfee Web Gateway). This process is also described in the KB article. Please add the submission IDs. The support group will pick up the request and can file an internal escalation to the Labs team for you, to get a response and/or trigger the necessary actions.

Since I neither work for support nor labs I cannot provide you with a more detailled answer, so I recommend to follow the above "procedures". This should be the official way to escalate your issue. I am not aware of anyone in the Web Gateway community who is able to look into Labs submissions or process submissions, so we can probably not provide a solution here.



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