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McAfee Documentation Download asking for Kerberos Authentication

Good morning,

Not quite sure how to explain this.  I log into the site, I enter my grant number to download patches, etc., I click on a documentation link and I get an HTTP 404 not found.  I do the exact same steps on a different Internet access point - behind our partners Web Gateways, not ours - and I can download the doc.  I fired up rule tracing on my web gateway and see this:

Where do I have something misconfigured that makes the Gateway think I need to perform internal Kerberos authentication to get access to a document hosted by McAfee?



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McAfee Employee

Re: McAfee Documentation Download asking for Kerberos Authentication

Hi Claire,

Thats a red herring. When authentication is enabled, you will see the "dark figure" whenever authentication occurs. You likely need to wait a minute for the rest of the traces to appear (as they are probably sitting in the buffer).

It's important to understand that authentication occurs over multiple steps.

---- Rule trace #1 -----

1) You make a request (no credentials included)

2) MWG responds asking for credentials (Basic, NTLM, Kerberos)

---- Rule trace #2 -----

3) You make a new request (same TCP connection) including credentials... lets say Kerberos

4) MWG authorizes the request, but web server returns a 404

As far as why you get a 404, if you have an SR open, we can take a look at that.

Best Regards,