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Make MCP Take Precedence Over DHCP Option 252

Hello. I want to use both MCP and DHCP option 252 to direct traffic to my MWG appliance. MCP for computers that we can actively deploy the MCP agent to, and option 252 for any computer that is not under our direct control (i.e. user computers). Tests show that if a computer has the MCP agent AND gets DHCP option 252, it will redirect traffic  using option 252.

I don't want to use option 252 because Firefox doesn't honor it, i.e. user's can easily circumvent the proxy by using Firefox. How do I use both options and get MCP to be the primary mode of redirection with DHCP being secondary?

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McAfee Employee

Re: Make MCP Take Precedence Over DHCP Option 252

Hi Kbolt,

At the moment, I would guess that MCP is actually standing up in this scenario, but its not actually redirecting the traffic because its going directly to the proxy (over 9090).

To do what you're asking it would require that MCP toggle the browser settings in someway (to disable automatic detection -- WPAD).

In the end is the result the same? MCP is scooping up traffic that isnt handled by 252, and traffic that understands 252.

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding.

Best Regards,


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