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Level 10

MWG7 x 2 Load Balancing


I have 2 MWG7's, we are exclusively AD running IE with only authenticated users, at present I am configuring IE using a GPO to point to a PAC file hosted on my first MWG7, before I go down the wrong road I'd appreciate any feedback on how to introduce the second MWG7 and preferably automatically load balance across the 2. I could use a second GPO and tie this to particular users groups in AD but i'd welcome your experiences.



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Level 9

Re: MWG7 x 2 Load Balancing

Were you ever able to get some information on this ?  I would also like to do some load balancing with V7

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McAfee Employee

Re: MWG7 x 2 Load Balancing

Hey Dec,

I believe you will find this thread helpful:

if not - sorry and please let us know.


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