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MWG7 URL Block Pagew - Javascript?

This is bugging me... anyone have any idea why "$List.OfCategory.ToString$ is done in javascript?

Policy -> Settings -> URL Blocked -> Edit template


<table class="infoTable">


    <td class="infoData">

      <b>URL: </b>$URL$<br />

        <script type="text/javascript">

          writeToDocument("<b>URL Categories: </b>" + "$ListOfCategory.ToString$");

        </script><br />

      <b>Reputation: </b>$URL.ReputationString$<br />

      <b>Media Type: </b>$List.OfMediaType.ToString$<br />





I asked support, but the answer left me wanting... ("due to its adaptability in addition to it being requested by customers")

Any thoughts on why javascript would be used for that specific item, and not the others?

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Re: MWG7 URL Block Pagew - Javascript?

It is done that way because the block page actually gets numeric category values sent to it.

The javascript converts it from the numbers to the text strings for the categories.

If you display on the block page $URL.Categories$ directly, you will see the numeric values, which is not human readable.

It is done this way so when we include additional language support for the block pages, they will translate and display in the language of the browser.

However, it looks like you can change the:

writeToDocument("<b>URL Categories: </b>" + "$List.OfCategory.ToString$">)

<b>URL Categories: </b>$List.OfCategory.ToString$

And it will work, but I think it will always come out in US-EN.

Message was edited by: Erik Elsasser on 11/22/10 9:01:24 PM CST
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