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MWG7 URL Allow List


when I define a allow rule for a certain category (f.e. search engines), the request will be allowed even if a url additionally is in a forbidden category.

Thus, a request like gives the following results


"URL Categories: Search Engines, Pornography"

and will be allowed.

Is there a way to invert that? in WW6, when a URL was in a blocked and an allowed URL, the URL was blocked by default. It's clear that in MWG7, the URL would be blocked if I had a "block porn" rule, but for some reasons I'd like to define some allow rules for certain categories, but only if they are exlusively in that list.

Is the operator "all in list" the solution? Unfortunately, it is not explained what it does exactly.



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Re: MWG7 URL Allow List

MWG7 works on a logical ruleset where the proxy is essentially "open" when no rules are set. So, you need to define rules based on what categories you want to block, not what categories you want to allow (because everything is allowed unless there is a rule blocking it). If you make a rule that only blocks categories you do not want such as porn, then search engines will be allowed unless they are categorized as at least one other category that you are blocking.

As a result of this structure it is best practice to restrict allow type rules only to specific sites that you definitely don't want to interfere with for special reasons.

I hope that helps.

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