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MWG7, Progress Page does not refresh in Internet Explorer

Hi all,

while working with an issue yesterday I stumbled across an Internet Explorer Setting I have not noticed before. The problem was basically that a customer was working with Internet Explorer, and has hardened the security by modifying the default security zone settings for all users. It may make sense, and also a common practice, to turn off things like ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer.

When you do this, you may end up with a Progress Page not working any longer. It will not refresh, and get stuck with a screen like this:


The problem is that Web Gateway uses so called XMLHttpRequests to refresh the active part of the progress page. Older versions (MWG 6.x) have simply reloaded the entire page every 5 seconds, but with MWG 7.x this has been changed. More information about XMLHttpRequest may be found at

Exactly this seems to become broken when you harden the ActiveX control settings in Internet Explorer, as this component is loaded via ActiveX. However starting with Internet Explorer 7, there is a setting that should allow you to continue using the progress page, which is called "Enable native XMLHttpSupport". You should enable this setting, and verify that progress pages will now refresh as expected:


Maybe this helps if you encounter trouble with IE and progress indication.

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