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MWG7. Is it possible? WCCP, NTLM, SSL??


I’m going to migrate from MWG 6.8 to MWG7. Now I am on testing phase (installation on VMWare). I have one question:

Has anybody configured successfully MWG 7 to work with:

-          transparent mode (WCCP),

-          all users authorized by NTLM,

-          all traffic must be authorized HTTP, HTTPS and logged,

-          SSL Scan enabled.

I tried many different configuration however still unsuccessful. Maybe you have some tips for me Smiley Wink.

In my current configuration WCCP is working correctly, authentication is working correctly only for HTTP traffic (I used cookie authentication with NTLM, in other old configuration without cookie authentication server MWG ask user about user/password for every page/subpage). I don’t know how to enable authorization for SSL traffic L

Have you got any idea how to start this configuration? In MWG 6.8 this configuration works correctly.

Have a nice day

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