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MWG7 Admin session problems ""USERS"'s session is still active."

Everything is fine at the beginning but after some time the GUI doesn't response (this happens in any situation not realise any specific thing/menu etc ,so far,random) and refreshing the page cause the GUI go back to the login screen ,if try to login again in the same browser window ,GUI response ""USERS"'s session is still active."

Why this problem occurs in a technical manner, is there any idea,we encounter this problem when multiple admin user logins(different admin users) from different client pc's.

Is there a way to solve the problem?

Is there a way to limit the admin(read/write) user(different user names) login for only 1 client 

Is there a way to make a global readonly user ,i think permissions are set by every single rule set but it doesn't managable for doing this every policy every user,a global readonly user?



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