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MWG7 problem with zip download


with the new MWG7 main release we have a problem with the downloading of zip files.

When we use Internet Explorer 8 and download a zip file, the zip file ist corrupt. I have found an articel in the internet regarding this problem:

Only after disabling "Use HTTP 1.1" in the IE8 settings the zip download works and the file is okay.

I have tried to download a zip file with other MWG7 versions. (14254): zip download works with IE8 and "Use HTTP 1.1" enabled (17286): zip download works with IE8 ans "Use HTTP 1.1" enabled

We want to use HTTP 1.1 on all clients with Internet Explorer 8.

With the newest version (17923) the zip download is corrupt when it is downloaded with IE8 and "Use HTTP 1.1" enabled.

Is this a bug in the new main release?

Should I downgrade to 7.3.2?



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