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MWG6.8.7 - 8378 : TrustedSource SL/NS Database Category Deletion

We got the following information. Is there any need to do a change in in MWG? Does the MWG use the SL/NS Database?

The Link to KB71943 does not work, so how do we get further information?

As the McAfee TrustedSource SL/NS Database is now in the final phases of theend of life schedule, McAfee must make some changes to the SL/NS database tomeet the size constraint requirement. To meet this requirement, we will emptythe contents of the Computing/Internet category (107, ci) as of 6/26/2011.

TheComputing/Internet category will still be displayed as an option, but therewill be no URLs present in the category. The URLs will still be present withinthe appropriate categories within the XL, resident, and cloud databases.

For moreinformation, see KB71943:

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Re: MWG6.8.7 - 8378 : TrustedSource SL/NS Database Category Deletion

MWG does not use these databases. These are legacy  products that are mostly OEM to other proxies.

They do not affect MWG 6 or 7.

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