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MWG templates - image mix up issue


We have recently got McAfee Web Gateway up and running and have been playing with the templates. Currently we have an edited template saved and it is looking fine, although we want to do more changes.

Somehow however, in the template editor, all the images in the 'img' folder have become mixed up. What was the SEL-background.jpg now shows the red nav bar image. button_HighRisk.gif now shows the green image for Minimal Risk. In fact all the images appear to be 'mixed up'. It makes no sense. So now of course previewing any of the pages shows them completely wrong.

Naturally I don't want to save any changes again. Is there some way to fix this? Has anyone seen it before?

I should add I have logged off and on numerous times, and this seems to have occurred between being logged off and logging in again. It is the same for others who look too.



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Level 7

Re: MWG templates - image mix up issue

All sorted after rebooting the server.


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