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MWG Normal Average Request Processing Time


We have deployed a McAfee Web Gateway in HA integrated with 3 domain controller. I see the following Authentication Statistics


I want to know what is a acceptable level of time for processing request in AD. Is 1000ms too high?  And if is it high what can i do?

Thanks people.

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McAfee Employee

Re: MWG Normal Average Request Processing Time

Hi layer8,

It's very good you are monitoring the dashboard, this is what we use to judge issues as well (looking for anomolies or changes in behavior).

Looking at historical information in the second dashboard, I would say that this is a problem.

The avg request processing time seems to have jumped to higher than normal levels recently.

I would guess this might be related to the problem talked about here:

See my comment in that post below:

[✔] EnabledCheck Proxy-Authorization Header for Bad Credentials
1: Header.Request.Exists("Proxy-Authorization") equals true
2: AND Header.Request.Get("Proxy-Authorization") equals "Basic Tm9uZTpOb25l"

Stop Ruleset

Best Regards,


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McAfee Employee

Re: Re: MWG Normal Average Request Processing Time

Attached is the described rule.

This would be placed inside of Direct Proxy Authenticatin and Authorization at the top level, see screenshot below:


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Level 14

Re: MWG Normal Average Request Processing Time

Hi all,

from my side, i would also add an event to set the authentication.username to a specific name.

This makes reporting much more easier. :-)


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