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MWG Media Stream Scanner/Detector

Qucik question. With MWG there is a rule in the libarary "Start Media Stream Scanner on Streaming Media and Skip Anti-Malware Scanning" that under events in that rule  has the evne set to  "Enable Media Stream Scanner". However I have found that when this event is enabled it does not work correctly with streaming audio. Is there going to be a fix for that?  Or is it still best to just leave the event as "None"? As detailed in this discussion ?

Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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McAfee Employee

Re: MWG Media Stream Scanner/Detector


as Michael indicated on your reference thread, it might be a media we don't expect/know. Could you let us know an example URL?



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Re: MWG Media Stream Scanner/Detector


I have two.


This one hits the meadi streaming rule but when the event is set to  "enable media streamer" doe snto work. When I change the event to none and just action "stop rule set" it works. I do want to say this site is recognized as streaming media as it hits the ruel when tracing it.


This one just willl not play unless I bypass all rules for a particular user. I have whitelisted the url, as well as added to the the extended list as a streaming site instead of games. Orginally when rule tracing this issue I saw a block on the

After doing all this It still will not play.

Thnaks for nay help

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