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MWG ICAP client ReqMode data not reaching dlp prevent

Hi All,

We have imported the ruleset  "DLP with ICAP" from Ruleset Library.and just provided the IP in the rule.

It is placed before the URL Filtering rule as all the Policies are with Action "Stop Cycle". We can telnet to the McAfee DLP Prevent box with 1344. After several troubleshooting also we cannot see the traffic is reaching the destination. we also have created a policy in the ePO that any data any incident should be logged. ePo recommended extention bundle has been installed.

please suggest what data shall we provide to troubleshoot this case.

Product versions:

MWG => 7.7.2

McAfee DLP Prevent => 11.0.300 (Managed by ePO)

ePO => 5.3.2


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