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MWG-Core won't start

I had a similar issue to what's happening in this thread

When doing the mwg restart the MWG Core service wouldn't start. I tried rebooting the appliance and it still won't start. Everything else seems to be working, it still has it's config, but the box just isn't useful as the core service doesn't start.

This is an inline appliance (transparent mode) and it's supposed to pass the info when it's down, but that doesn't really work either.

This particular appliance is a WG-4500 I've had problems with and previously after upgrading it's lost it's configs. I thought these were just failed upgrades before though I'm starting to wonder if it's the appliance itself.

Anyway, does anyone know how I can start the mwg-core?


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Level 13

Re: MWG-Core won't start

Looks like my /dev/mapper/vg00-opt is at 100% usage (194/204GB)

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