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MWG Administration guide--improvements

So far I'm pretty impressed by the functionality of 7.x as compared to the usability of 6.x.  If I could make one suggestion, is to improve the administration guide.  I want to say it in a respectful way, but it needs a lot of improvement in my opinion. The big thing is it seems to lack examples or simply restates a parameter name without giving any more information or use case scenarios.  The troubleshooting examples are few and far, which is probably what a lot of us spend our time doing.  For example, tracing a connection of a rule is some ruleengine tracing parameter that doesn't have many more examples of use, where you find these logs, etc.

Not trying to complain , just spitting out my thoughts as I read this manual compared to other web filtering vendors I have worked with in the past.

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Re: MWG Administration guide--improvements


thank you for your feedback, it is really appreciated. I will forward your comments and recommendations to the responsible teams.

Update: I have forwarded your Feedback and suggestions to the appropriate team.

Honestly I do not expect that I can promise anything at this point of time, but be assured that I will let the appropriate teams know. Changes may take a while unfortunately :-)

Let me know if there is anything else!



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Re: MWG Administration guide--improvements

Thanks Andre for your respectful response.  Keep up the good work with the product!

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