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MWG 7 - Youtube Access By Author

There are instances where users need access to youtube but only want to make it available for approved content.

There is a simple rule for this. Please use the following steps:

The first initial step will be to create the top-level-rule-set.

  1. Under Policy > Rule Sets > add a new top level rule set and you'll need:
  • Name: Youtube
  • Applies to: Requests
  • Apply this rule set: if the following criteria is match:
    • Property: URL.Host
    • Operator: matches
    • Operand: **
    • Comment: Optional
  • Click OK to save rule.

The next step will be applying the rule criteria.

  1. Select your newly created top-level-rule-set and on the right window pane click Add Rule:
  • Name: Allow_Author > click next
  • Apply this rule: if the following criteria is matched > click add
    • Property: Body.ToString (Number, Number)
    • Click Parameter just below: Parameter 1: Value 0
    • For patameter 2 select: Property: Body.Size
    • Click ok.
  • Operator: matches (for single author or matches in list for multiple authors)
  • Parameter: *author-name* (or will need to add a new list for multiple authors)
  • Click ok to close and next to go to Action.
  • Action will be: Stop Rule Set
  • Click Finish to complete this rule.

  1. In this same location Rule Criteria click to add the second criteria.
  • Apply this rule: if the following criteria is matched > click add to enter the following criteria
    • Property: URL.Path
    • Operator: matches
    • Parameter: *videoplayback*
  • Click Finish to complete this rule.

Please note that in order for this to work properly modify the operand between the above criteria to OR and leave them in the sequence listed above. See attachment for example.

The final step will be creating a new list that will contain the categories for Media Sharing and Streaming Media.

  1. Click Add Rule and enter the following:
  • Name: Block Youtube Categories
  • Rule Criteria: if the following criteria is matched
  • Click add:
    • Property: URL.Categories
    • Operator: at least one in list
    • Value: click add to create a new list and enter the categories listed above: Media Sharing, Streaming Media
    • Click OK to close and next to go to the action.
    • The action will be Block and the Settings will be: URL Blocked
    • Click Finish and apply your changes.

Its very important to note how your rule set is structured since once this rule is fulfilled this request will continue down the rules.

Hence this rule will already block any request for media sharing and streaming media categories outside of the allowed youtube authors, you want to make sure these are not in any Blocked Categories lists otherwise legitimate requests will be blocked.

Please note I have uploaded a new image to display the changes made thus far.

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Level 10

Re: MWG 7 - Youtube Access By Author

Somebody raised the concern that if this rule will be implemented globally other streaming media and media sharing sites will be allowed?

This is true. This rule was meant specifically with youtube in mind. If however, you need to block all sites with the aforementioned categories then you can simply add the following criteria to your top-level-ruleset.

Select the youtube rule > Edit and in the criteria click add and use the following options:

  • Property: URL.Categories
  • Operator: at least one in list
  • Operand: youtube - that is the youtube list in use by the block rule we implemented above.

Basically we're saying, if the URL.Host matches anything ** OR URL.Categories at least one in list youtube - (streaming media, media sharing) apply this rule set.

Please see screenshot attached.

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Level 11

Re: MWG 7 - Youtube Access By Author

I have redesigned this rule sute to allow for more customization and tighter control. Previously, if an author was mentioned in a comment or had a video featured on the right-side bar, then a video could be allowed that was not intended. With this new rule set, only videos upload by the specific author will be allowed. I have also included rules that can control whether access to the homepage is allowed or blocked.

I have attached the Rule Set which can be imported under Policy > Add > Top Level Rule Set... > Import rule set from Rule Set Library > Import from file...

The format for editing the list of allowed authors is as follows:

*Uploaded by     <a href="/user/McAfeeOffical"*

It's not pretty, but is the best way that I could find to accurately identify an author of a video. Please note: there are 5 spaces between 'by' and '<a'. Please see below screenshot <5_spaces.png.>

If you wish to allow access to the homepage, ensure the top-level rule 'Allow Youtube Homepage' is enabled and the 'Block youtube' rule set is disabled. The opposite is true if you wish to block the homepage.









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