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MWG 7 - Control cache size


Today I had a problem with one of the appliances (2 appliances in Proxy HA) that result in not internet.

Users started to complain about internet access. Since the three ip's were 'pinglable' (the virtual and both physical), I logged on into UI and saw that in the Director the cache partition have 140GB. Immediatly I purged the cache but it didn't reflect in the statistics (I've waited 5 minutes). In the shell, I've executed the command to show the HA status and it didn't show anything wrong. After that I rebooted the Director and when the Director role changed to the other appliance I've started to have internet, but when the other appliance started-up, and the role changed again, the internet access ceased once again. In the UI, the values for the Cache did not changed.

To solve the internet access issue, I changed the Director priority so the second appliance had a higher value and (almost) immediatly thet internet access was restored.

My two questions are:

1º - How can I control the cache sizing

2º - How can I manually flush the cache (script or manual commands)

Sorry if my english is a little confusing.



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