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MWG 7.1 - Email event on specified # of blocks/specific rule

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had created a rule that will fire given the following conditions:

User is blocked a specified number of times(example, 5 times) for a specific rule, ie. Category filtering Mature/Violent. Once the 5th time is blocked an email event is sent out.

My initial idea would be to attach an incremental counter to the rule in which you wish to monitor this way. Then create a logging rule that when this counter reaches 5, an email event would be sent out and the counter would be reset.

The part that I am unsure about is how to complete this on a per user basis(All users are authenticated against AD). It would require that the counter being used is dynamic based on the authenticated user name.

Does anyone know if it is possible using the method above? Or does anyone have any other recommendations for algorithms to trigger on the conditions described above?

Thank you in advance for any insight,


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