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MWG 7.0 - Broken Support

It's really too bad that there is such poor support for the MWG 7.0 product. 

I first tried reading the about brief ... 300+ pages and about no help on how to setup this device.  So I  called tech support many times and not once has someone been able to answer my question(s) on the product.   I always get the I will have to research that and get back to you, which then takes about 1-2 weeks and the response I get is send in your config file and let me take a look at it.  After playing with tech support for over a month plus I then finally broke down and paid the $750 for a 4 hour "quick start" session.  WOW that was a huge waste of time, most of the stuff that was configured did not work.  So I contacted my sales rep from McAfee and they hooked me up with the senior "quick start" guy and he was not able to configure most of the stuff I wanted.   I was not asking anyone to configure the whole box or recreate Rome, just give me some examples I could work from. 


Make a rule that when a user is blocked from a web site that a page comes up and gives the option for a manager to type in their over-ride user name and password to allow the user to continue to the web site. 

Make a rule that allows a site like only 10 minutes of access then block the user

Make a rule that when a manager uses his "over-ride" password that an email is sent to a support email address

Make a rule that allow certain IP's to bypass the content filter....

Configure the device in Transparent mode.....  Every time I ask someone to do this I get "you really should run it in proxy mode"  Why, because the box is preconfigured for it and its easy.

and a few others...

Non of these should have been that hard to configure if the people supporting this product knew it.   You would think for a $16,000.00 dollar product you would have some people that actually knew the product.  So I guess I am heading back to version 6.8 where at least there is decent documentation and tech support seems to have a better handle on it.

I am Very Disappointed in this product right now!


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Re: MWG 7.0 - Broken Support

Hello Leif,

thank you for your comments. I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the product and the support. I know that there are still some problems, but I don't think the issues you mentiones should be that impacting.

Are you maybe able to quickly send me your contact details via a PM, so that I can get in touch with you? I would like to follow up on the issues you have mentioned, if you are willing to provide me some details.

Best regards,


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McAfee Employee

Re: MWG 7.0 - Broken Support


I apologize on behalf of the product BU that you encountered such issues with the product and this level of difficultiy wih our support teams. It is my understanding that you have spoken to support as well to the team behind I have as well understood that you are unconfident with the level of support you have received via the different channels.

What I am keen on is finding out where the level of difficultly is comming from to be able to enhance our product and will as well follow up with the support teams internally.  I will be contacting you via PM to arrange a follow up.



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