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Level 7

MWG 6.9 Adobe Flash Download Error

When attempting to download the file from this URL - we get:

McAfee Web Gateway


McAfee Web Gateway Internal Error

McAfee Web Gateway encountered an internal program error while handling your request ("").
Please verify that your request is valid and try again.

If the error still occurs, please ask your administrator to contact the McAfee Web Gateway Support Team.

generated 21/Nov/2011:11:22:25 -0500 by webgateway (McAfee Web Gateway 6.9.0 Build 11735 - [4])

Any ideas before we open a ticket?

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Level 17

Re: MWG 6.9 Adobe Flash Download Error


it would be interesting to see if the errors log shows anything. This looks like an unusual error. I quickly tried to download the file through a lab MWG 6.9 and it worked pretty fine. I think this needs some more investigation.

Maybe someone else can try to download the file, so we can see if this issue is specific to your environment.



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McAfee Employee

Re: MWG 6.9 Adobe Flash Download Error

Yep - comes through as expected here.

I suggest talking to support as these internal errors, ca come through multiple things, e.g. url filter pattern broken, library not initialized, etc....


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