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MWG 6.8.7 - multi-process configuration


to increase performance of our MWG cluster system we think about enabling the multi-process configuration.

Coz we don´t have a test environment we would like to minimize risk when doing this change.

We are running a MWG cluster system with two MWGs.

Can we enable the multi-process configuration on them separately?

Our plan for doing this change:

1. Suspend the 2nd MWG (Sub-Master) from cluster

2. Run the script "" on this 2nd MWG / Restart

3. Test the 2nd MWG outside cluster (changing Proxy-IP in some browsers to the physical IP of 2nd MWG)

4. Resume 2nd MWG to the cluster

5. If everything is running fine and we see no problems for 1 day we will suspend 1st MWG from cluster and enable multi-process config too.

Is this okay or does anyone see a problem in this procedure?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: MWG 6.8.7 - multi-process configuration


I think that is a good way to proceed. MP mode can be disabled/enabled very easily in case of problems. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the performance benefit - my experiences were pretty good in the past :-)



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Re: MWG 6.8.7 - multi-process configuration


for anything, my experiences with MP are very good. A memory overload does not cause direct problems anymore and for performance I say  yeeh!

Just a few thoughts as I didn't find this in docs when I started playing with this:

- make sure you have atleast 4Gb memory per MWG which allows you to run 2 active (ICAP) processes

- If you have systems connecting to the MWG by ICAP, they will not be able to connect anymore after enabling MP as new ICAP ports will be used. Ofcourse for normal proxy uasge there will not be a problem.

- After enabling MP, you will not directly see that it is enabled with a # of processes, but this can be viewed in the dashboard of the WebGUI. Go to the MWG tab in the Home --> Dashboard and you will see addiditonal processes next to some graphs.

- extra info: If you have more than 4Gb in the MWG, you will get 4 active ICAP processes.

- extra info: after enabling MP, in the global.conf you can find how many ICAP processes are active.

And indeed, in case of problems, just run the script again to turn MP off and you are back to where you were.

Kind regards,


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