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MWG 6.8.6 - MS Zune 4.7 through proxy

We are using the latest build of 6.8.6 and have clients with Zune 4.7.  We use a proxy.pac file which has been pushed to our clients via GP.

Zune works great EXCEPT when the users try to do a device update.  Zune seems to forget about the IE proxy settings.  It also seems to use 5 different client strings to try any connect.






We added bypass rules for each of those client strings which got us further along.  However, when zune still errors out doing to things.  The log files from MWG are below: - "-" [22/Feb/2011:16:49:35 -0500] "CONNECT HTTP/1.1" 407 148 1468 "" "VCSoapClient" "-" 81 "-" "default" 0.001 "-" 0 Neutral - - "-" [22/Feb/2011:16:49:40 -0500] "POST HTTP/1.1" 407 834 1481 "" "MSDW" "-" 81 "text/html" "default" 0.001 "-" 0 Neutral -

Any ideas or experience with Zune in our type of setup?


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MWG 6.8.6 - MS Zune 4.7 through proxy

HTTP status code 407 means requires proxy auth. I'm not sure if this is the problem.

A packet capture from the gateway and or a trace would be helpful.

MWG 6.8.6 - MS Zune 4.7 through proxy

This could also be related to some things I've seen recently with authentication with Windows Media Player 12.

I've heard reports that WMP11 would authenticate, but 12 no longer will. At least I can't get it to.

If the link that Shawn doesn't help you, also consider that BITS uses winhttp to do its proxying.

You may need to use the netsh command to set the proxy for the winhttp service. This is similar to using a proxy with windows automatic updates when no one is logged onto the computer, too.

c:\My Documents\Desktop>netsh
netsh winhttp>set proxy
The syntax supplied for this command is not valid. Check help for the correct syntax.

Usage:  set proxy [proxy-server=]<server name> [bypass-list=]<hosts list>


  Tag              Value
  proxy-server  -  proxy server for use for http and/or https protocol
  bypass-list   -  a list of sites that should be visited bypassing the
                   proxy (use "<local>" to bypass all short name hosts)


  set proxy myproxy
  set proxy myproxy:80 "<local>;bar"
  set proxy proxy-server="http=myproxy;https=sproxy:88" bypass-list="*"

netsh winhttp>set proxy "<local>;192.168.*"

Current WinHTTP proxy settings:

    Proxy Server(s) :
    Bypass List     :  <local>;192.168.*

MWG 6.8.6 - MS Zune 4.7 through proxy

I tried sroering's method with no success.  I'm about to try your idea of netsh, but I wanted to ask, is there a way to make this work with an auth proxy or just a non auth proxy?


MWG 6.8.6 - MS Zune 4.7 through proxy

I don't know if you can authenticate Zune/BITS using the winhhtp proxy method. (Presuming it will proxy properly in the first place)

BITS and winhttp both use system accounts to run, and I suspect there is no way to use a user's password. I'd have to see an actual packet capture to see what it actually does with the 407 itself to see what credentials it passes by default.

I just went through an excercise yesterday with windows update, and apparently there's no possible way to authenticate windows update proxy session using any method. (nor with any competing proxy products)

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