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MGW 7.1 Custom log handler - w3c squid format - almost there


Customer requires MWG 7.1 to output logs in squid w3c format for legacy reporting tool.

I have created a second log.handeler which is almost perfect, but I need a little help;

Squid Format:     1011164724.171 1337 TCP_MISS/200 20110 GET username DIRECT/ text/html

MWG7.1 Format: 1305755021 duration TCP_MISS/200 28668 GET username DIRECT/ text/html

As you see above I have two challenges;

1. A duration property in milliseconds (the elapsed time received, request and response)

2. My 2nd challenge  is DIRECT, the Hierarchy Code, is a fixed value and not from any property. Is this available?

Is there any way to get the duration of the request logged in millseconds as the reporting tool uses this to summerise session duration.

Number.ToString (DateTime.ToNumber)

" "


" "

IP.ToString (Client.IP)

" "



Number.ToString (Response.StatusCode)

" "

Number.ToString (BytesToClient)

" "


" "


" "

String.ReplaceIfEquals (Authentication.UserName, "", "-")


IP.ToString (URL.Destination.IP)

" "

MediaType.ToString (MediaType.FromHeader)

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