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MCP with non-proxy aware applications

We have a requirement to capture all we-bound traffic from desktop applications which are not proxy-aware (such as FTP clients and externally-hosted Citrix) and pass it though to our new McAfee Web Gateway. Previously we've used an ISA firewall client to channel this traffic to our ISA boxes. We were hoping to achieve the same with the MCP, but aren't convinced this is possible. Should it be?

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McAfee Employee

Re: MCP with non-proxy aware applications

Hi Andy,

At the moment MCP supports mainly HTTP/HTTPS. It is possible to create a special configuration to tunnel traffic from MCP to MWG (like RTMP for example). But MCP does not currently support FTP, passive FTP will require a data port to be used (other than port 21). MCP does not have functionality to read the negotiated port and redirect it to the proxy correctly.

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