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MCP in an explicit proxy environment

Greetings all-

I'm experimenting with MCP as a way to provide additional protection for my laptop users when they're off the corporate net. On premise, devices are configured with an explicit proxy. Settings are pushed to endpoints through GPO and scripts.

I've read 's excellent Best Practices doc. I've configured my MCP policy in ePO, to direct clients to the SaaS while off premise and off VPN.

Do I have to unset the Windows proxy configuration as manually as I've set it? Or has anyone discovered a more elegant way of handling explicit proxies on premise and SaaS off premise?

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McAfee Employee

Re: MCP in an explicit proxy environment

Hi Eli,

I was summoned!

Are the laptops configured with proxy settings or proxy pac? If proxy settings, then this will likely not work well. If proxy pac, then the browser will fail open if the proxy pac URL is not reachable. If MCP is used with a proxy pac, it works quite nice because MCP will stand up and redirect the traffic in case of "fail-open".


One such instance is my pal , he mentioned it here:

However I think he has MCP to stand down regardless of when it's in the network.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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