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MCP implementation

I've been going through various documents, discussions, help pages, and KB articles and am no closer to having a working MCP installation.

Initially, I need to:

Deploy MWG policy to the cloud from internal MWG

Deploy MCP on Macs

    • On-prem
      • authenticate to internal MWG with MCP
      • Web browsing via internal MWG
    •   Off-prem 
      • authenticate to SaaS with MCP
      • Web browsing via SaaS proxy

Retain existing NTLM authentication for Windows clients on the internal MWG

We are using MWGv7. We have an ePO server, however for the initial deployment I just need a simple way to deploy MCP to Mac clients.

Is there one concise document that will help me configure, deploy, and test MCP on Mac?

Thanks for your help.

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Level 8

Re: MCP implementation

I believe you're missing the step on adding the MCP authentication rule to your MWG at the bottom of the document listed below.

The best practices guide should contain all the information on configuring MCP. I believe the guide is for PCs but I don't think there's a difference between configuring a PC and a Mac

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