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Good day all,

I have MCP configured as follows:

1.  MCP to Redirect to SaaS when off Corporate network.

2. When connected to VPN also to redirect to SaaS - Controlled by the landmark only accessible internally and not via VPN.

The issue i have is that when connected to VPN, the VPN client keeps getting disconnected every 2-3 minutes. 

If i change the MCP policy to detect when on Corporate Network to:

Detect if MCP is inside the corporate network:

The VPN Client doesn't disconnect. 

Has anyone else seen this issue and if so could they shed some light on a resolution?

Thanks in advance

Note:  Using MCP 2.1.3

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McAfee Employee


Hi Snoobie,

MCP should only stand up if it can reach the specified server (landmark) in the "corporate network detection" list.

So it sounds like MCP might be able to reach the landmark you defined, but not the ePO server.

The MCP log (C:\ProgramData\McAfee\MCP\Logs) should show why MCP chose to take a specific action.

Best Regards,

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