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MCP Policy Isn't Updating On End Devices

Good day.

I've noticed a trend where I'll update a McAfee Client Proxy policy, thus changing the revision number, but I'll not see where the MCPPolicy.opg policy file inside "\c$\ProgramData\McAfee\MCP\Policy\Temp" changes. How does EPO ensure that endpoints receve the most up to date policy?I've found that end devices will respond to me manually overwriting the MCPPolicy opg file but I'd like to avoi doing so for all the machines showing that issue.

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McAfee Employee jscholte
McAfee Employee
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Re: MCP Policy Isn't Updating On End Devices

Hi Kbolt,

Is the ePO server bypassed in the MCP policy?

It important to bypass the ePO server address so MCP doesnt intercept that traffic and prevent McAfee Agent to ePO communication. In most cases the ePO server is bypassed because it has a private address, but if the ePO server has a public IP, then its possible that MCP is intercepting that communication and preventing policy updates for some reason.

Best Regards,


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Re: MCP Policy Isn't Updating On End Devices

Hello jscholte,

Thanks for the prompt response. Our ePO server only has private IP addresses. It's not a cloud-based installation so all our endpoints come back to it, or for the more distant offices there are local repositories on-site. When I hit Wake Up Agents on ePO, I see where it's acknowledged on the endpoints along with policy enforcement but I I'm not seeing where the opg file changes under ProgramData.

However, I'll check MWG's logs to see if any of our public IP addresses are found. Let me know if there's any specific way to ensure policy communication between client and ePO please.

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