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MCP On DirectAccess


We have som issues regarding a customer using DirectAccess as VPN solution. 

The customer is currently using proxy.pac as deployment for clients to redirect traffic whitch  is working fine. 
But they would like to go over to MCP and that is not working out as expected. 

- MCP On corporate network is working very limited) allowing some traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) go through - but not stable as some sits return "Website cannot be reached"

- MCP On DirectAccess is working very limited also allowing some traffic go through - but becomes unstable and return often "Website cannot be reached". 


DA uses Ipv6 in order to redirect traffic and also 6to4/IPHTTPS debending on network connection And uses certificate in order to authenticate AND encrypt traffic. Could it be an issue here for the on-prem MWG to handle? The MCP sits directly on the NIC and intercepts all traffic where the proxypac only affects the browsers. 

SSL scanning is activated on the mwg. 

Customers MWG is on-prem. 
We have added all neccesery Exclusions in regards to DirectAccess and the Clients has no problem "Connecting to DA". But HTTP/HTTPS traffik is not working propper. 

Any suggestions or whats this might be? 

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Re: MCP On DirectAccess


I found this post and I have exactly the same problem:
-Direct Access and file proxy.pac works correctly web browsing
-Direct Access and mcafee proxy client applications work correctly
-Direct Access and mcafee proxy client does not work web browsing
I continue working on solving the problem but I have not solved it yet.
Could you find any solution to the problem?

Thank you very much

Re: MCP On DirectAccess

Still no luck fixing this issue? 
We are still having problem with DA+MCP Browsing and there is no solution to be found..

FYI: CiscoVPN+MCP Works out perfectly! But not DA+MCP. 

Troubleshooting with Technical support has not led us anywhere for a solution so far.. 

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