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Lync 2010 with o365 through MWG 7.4 - can not connect

We have some network segments where access to the internet is only through MWG.  Clients are Win7 and use a proxy.pac file.  Lync 2010 does not appear to be respecting the proxy settings for one piece of the sign in.  All other traffic is being routed through the proxy.

Does anyone have fully isolated clients using Lync 2010 desktop and have this working?

I've spent hours with McAfee support and MS Support.  McAfee can't give us a definitive this is how you do it, they are providing more of what I would say is guidance based on packet captures and rule traces.  MS is stumped and says it should work.  Do we really have to poke a hole in our network to get Lync 2010 clients to talk to Office 365?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Lync 2010 with o365 through MWG 7.4 - can not connect

Yes it is possible, as we have just successfully completed testing our proof of concept for Lync Online.

Two of the major hurdles that we encountered were:

  • Lync 2010 required this patch, to work with Lync Online
  • Our Sidewinder firewall Deny Rules completed the three-way handshake for TCP, causing Lync to think a direct connection could be established. This was re-mediated by changing Deny to Drop.

Other things, such as needing to bypass SSL inspection, were relatively straight forward once the above two points were discovered and fixed.

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