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Long scanning session after downloading software updates

Hi All

Is there any way to tweak how the MWG does the scanning of Computer/Printer Driver or any other software updates ?

For Example:

When I download printer driver 58 MB from it took more than 5 minutes to scan it, by the time i forgot to click on the download the file , it already expired thus I have to wait for the scan to happens again.

It is even worst when I download big software update / patches for 3rd party software vendor 400 MB - 1 GB  zipped file, the scan took ages to finish.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Long scanning session after downloading software updates


in the only rule set library you'll find a rule set that has the ability to optimize the scanning behavior.

IN addition it is important to understand that there are monolith files ad archives. Archives can expand to another complex structure after unpacking and thus can take long to scan.



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