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Logging download activity on a specific machine

I have recently set up a rule which allows one specific computer on my network to download large patch files, iso's, exes etc.  All other computers on the network are prevented from doing so but this one is an exception for developers and some admins.

Now that the rule is set up I would like to ensure that all activity on that machine is logged comprehensively.

To that end, is there a way to create a log that will monitor and record activity exclusively on that machine? Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Logging download activity on a specific machine


are you using MWG version 6 or 7? In MWG 7 you can simply add Events to the rule that allow your machine to download large patches. You can have a look at the log handler to see an example how log files are written. Then you can adopt it and add the logging into the machine specific rules according to your requirements.




Re: Logging download activity on a specific machine

I am using MWG 7 so I will give it a try and let you know how it goes. Thanks for your prompt reply!

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