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Log file pushing very slow


we try to push the MWG7 log files to an ftp server upon rotation. We noticed that the transfer is extremly slow. Pushing a 15k file takes up to 40s.

A packet dump on the MWG shows gaps up to 20s between the ftp servers last ack and the next push from the MWG to the ftp server, during which MWG seems to do nothing (maybe parsing the log files?).

We don't have any network problems (number of errors:0) and web traffic is forwarded at normal speed.

Anyone else having this issue?



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Re: Log file pushing very slow

Hello Roman,

I think we should have a tcpdump of that connection and a feedback and file an SR with support. This sounds interesting. Up to know I only worked on one case where log files took long to be uploaded and the tcpdump revealed a lot of strange TCP errors, which finally were caused by a broken switch port.

I don´t think there is a real chance to diagnose the problem without seeing the network flow, so I recommend to get in touch with Support.

Please let me know if you need help to do so.



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