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Log Rotation & Auto-Pushing Issue

Hi all,

Wondering if you can assist me.

We have 15 appliances spanning two of our data centers.

We have a global setting configured to rotate/push/zip a specific set of log files (2 files in 2 different filesystem locations) at 23:50 and 23:59 in the evening and send these files (normally around 1Gb in size) to a specified FTP destination.

It has come to our attention that 9 of our appliances spanning both data centers have not been performing this function and instead have been continuously writing to a sole log file on each appliance, instead of rotating the file, sending it off and the starting a new file. This file is now between 50 - 90Gb in size on each WebGateway.

I'd like your advice/help in troubleshooting why this issue has occurred when all appliances have, from what I can see, been using the same global log rotation settings as we have not experienced this issue prior. The other 6 appliances, which share the same configuration for rotation/pushing are not affected - software bug?


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