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Live Traffic Monitoring

We 3 appliance load-balanced webgateway setup. All our clients point the virtual load balanced IP of the proxies. How can we do live proxy traffic monitoring? We had MS ISA 2006 before and we were able to do live monitring. Also we need a good guide for setting up reporting in oue environment. Thanks.

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Re: Live Traffic Monitoring


for comprehensive reporting I recommend to have a look at Web Reporter. It also comes with some Guides on how to set up Reporting and should provide you with all necessary reporting capabilities.

For Live Monitoring MWG only offers the Dashboards and the Live Reports, which contain some statistics about the Usage. They need to be activated on Reporting -> Live Report Management (MWG6, this is not available in MWG7). On MWG7 you can jump to all Cluster Members Dashboards with the Drop down field in the GUI, on MWG6 you need to have a look at each of the box, or consolidate the Dashboard writing to monitor all boxes from the Master.

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