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ListConverter crashes on TrustedCAS

When trying to run the listconverter with HTTPSProxy.TrustedCAS enabled it crashed with an unhandled exception.

Any other way to get my CAS ?

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Re: ListConverter crashes on TrustedCAS

I'll have to take a look at the original .backup file you are trying to convert from. I'm not exactly sure why it would do that. That's a new error.

Can you email to my @McAfee address and I will check it out?

Re: ListConverter crashes on TrustedCAS

I have updated listConverter to version

This version allows for the import of binary formatted .der RootCAs in the configuration.

I don't know how they get into the config in the first place, but if they are there, this should properly recognize them and convert them to the proper .pem format for use in MWG7.

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