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LDAP authentication with time quota

We are running Web Gateway 7.1

We have 3 seperate Active Directory groups, for this discussion I'll call them 30minute, 60minute, and 90minute. As you can probably guess by the group names, we would like users in 30minute get 30 minutes of quota time per day, 60minutes to get 60, etc. Each group will use the same list of allowed categories. I've tried numerous attempts and have failed miserably. Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Re: LDAP authentication with time quota

Hi Go0se,

can you exapain a little more what you have tried to do and where you failed?

I would start somehow like this:

- Pick the appropriate Quota rule set from the library

- import it three times, make sure you create a new setting for the quota setting for each of those

- configure the allowed timespan for the three time quota settings

- set a criteria within the rule set to only match the group you wish to match for the specific quota setting

Where exactly where you experiencing problems?



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