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Kill a users download


we have the problem that the MWG7 dont stop a ftp upload.

The client has stopped the upload, but the MWG didn't stop the upload.

/etc/init.d/mwg stop amd /etc/init.d/start didn't help. After sarting the mwg7 contiues the upload.

The disk usage is 80% and was 100%.

How can i kill the process on the MWG7?

kind regards

Patrick Schwinn.

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Re: Kill a users download

The original thread was old.  Moved to your own thread for better support.


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Re: Kill a users download

Hi Patrick,

restarting MWG really should do the trick. I am relatively sure that MWG does not resume aborted uploads. Maybe it would be helpful to file an SR with support and provide them with some more details about your installation in order to find out what exactly is happening.



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Re: Kill a users download

Hi Andre,

we had to do the following to solve the problem:

/etc/init.d/mwg stop

then delete old files at /opt/mwg/temp:

find . -type f -mmin +1000 -exec ls -lah {} \;

find . -type f -mmin +1000 -exec rm -f {} \;

and start:

/etc/init.d/mwg start

the original file was multiplied at the /opt/mwg/temp folder.

the mcafee support has an feedback file to analyse this issue.

kind regards


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