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Keep an open connection to http request.

Good morning,

We want to keep open a particular connection to a HTTP request without it being finished by timeout.

We need a particular workarround for this case because we only want to act in this way with this particular connection and not with others.

How should we create it in the MWG?

Thanks in advance

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McAfee Employee

Re: Keep an open connection to http request.


usually it is the TCP connection that timesout. this can be influenced with the event 'enable workarounds'. In the settings for the event you will find the option to extend the timeout for the connection to max 999 secs (will be modified to be 9999 in 7.1.6.).

A rule should be place high in the tree and coul look like:

"If URL.HOST equals Continue and Enable.Workaround(SetHighTimeout)"

If this doesn't help, I suggest opening a support ticket.


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