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Java script and the progress indicator

While trying to access a website, a js file is not getting downloaded properly. Size of this js file is 1.5MB and only 200b are getting downloaded. Tried downloading the specific file and i got a progress indicator and downloaded successfully. Disabled the progress indicator and tried the website and it worked. So what is the link here?

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Re: Java script and the progress indicator

1.5MB js file ? The hell !

Nevertheless, for some such strange websites or specific user-agents we use whitelist with action "Stop Ruleset" in the progress indicator part of policy.

You can also tune data trickling and send bigger data during download.

Also please not, that such big JS also will pass Malware scanning which can be some more time to process.

Re: Java script and the progress indicator

Thanks for your response. Could you please tell me why progress indicator behaves abnormally while loading large js or other files in a website.

Re: Java script and the progress indicator


It depends on specific app behavior. Most of the apps are ok, but some do not expect delays in downloaded data. The proxy needs time to download whole data and do malware scan before send them forward to app. To solve this, proxy use trickling ie sends small part from beginnng of the downloaded file until malware scan finish. We saw several apps, which gets few first kb and brakes the connection because they got tens of kb instead of expected bigger data.