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Java Authentication Prompts with proxies behind F5's

So...we have a test environment with web gateways (on version 7.8) using AD SSO via LDAP behind F5's.  We are getting authentication dialog boxes from Java when going to portal sites using Java - like the gateway GUI and WebEx along with a bunch of others.  Found a buried tech note on a Cisco site that says to use "Direct Connection" as opposed to "Use your browser settings" in the actual Java config but that is not scalable across an enterprise (at least not easily) and we don't know the full ramifications fo that change - however, it does resolve the issue.  We are following the load balancer guide - Web_Proxy_LB_Deployment_Guide_McAfee.pdf.  Another side issue we feel may be related is our inability to run a speed test - any test either hangs at a latency check or does not display anything.  Most of these tests are invoking Java albeit seamlessly.  I spoke to an engineer at MPower last week and he says it is a known F5 issue - we just don't know how to fix it beyond the Java hack.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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