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Issue while using proxy pac from dhcp


I have configured DHCP Server with WPAD file setting, everthing works fine. but i am facing one issue that is when i disable the proxy settings and Automatically detect setting is check i close the IE and open it again, then i release renew the ip it doesnot take proxy setting from the pac file. but when i reset internet explorer it works fine. can anyone give me a solution for this issue. i cannot move to 1000 users to do so.



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Re: Issue while using proxy pac from dhcp


One more thing the version i am using is 6.9 version of web washer. If anyone want to know any more info please feel free to post



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Re: Issue while using proxy pac from dhcp

To do a full test, since using WPAD via DHCP is a bit of a "at time of address acquisition" sort of thing, I'd do a test like so:

Set IE to automatically detect settings, and don't specify a proxy.

At a command prompt do the following:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

The last command will re-pull the DHCP address along with the attendant information.

If at that point the machine isn't using the WPAD/PAC file  (which should be on a machine resolvable by the name wpad in a file name wdap.dat on the root of that web server), check to make sure that with no proxy set in teh browser, that http://wpad/wpad.dat resolves.

I'd also recommend that anyone using WPAD  put a rule into blocked domains to block  wpad.TLD  (where TLD = .com if your company is a .com) to avoid the vulnerability mentioned at

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