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Is ePO MWG extension 7.4.052 would work with MWG 7.3.2?

We are planning to upgrade our ePO to 5.1

To do that, we need to update MWG extension to

Our current MWG product version is 7.3.2 which we do not have any plans on upgrading.

The question is - if we go ahead and update the MWG extension to, will our MWG product 7.3.2 would continue to work? We have some policies in place for blocking websites.


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McAfee Employee

Re: Is ePO MWG extension 7.4.052 would work with MWG 7.3.2?

Hi Blacksmith,

It depends on the specific version you are on of 7.3.2.

If you were on, then this includes a fix which allows the ePO communication to happen AND it includes the latest ePO extension ( which is compatible with ePO 5.x (also available here:

If you are on 7.3.2.[0-2] then ePO communication will not work at all due to an SSL issue (see Web Gateway build 16052 Release Notes -

I'm assuming you are on version, and you can just download and install the ePO extension in the UI of MWG (Configuration > ePolicy Orchestrator). If this is true, then yes everything should continue to work.



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