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Intuit Lacerte (accountant tax software) vs explicit web proxy - anyone gotten it to work?


Is anyone else in the unenviable position of trying to support any users of Intuit's Lacerte tax software?  Have you met with success?

It seems their proxy implementation is partially broken.  Some internet connection aspects of this app do work and send traffic through the explicit proxies, but a couple key parts of it don't. 

Software updates and a function called "REP" are both broken.  During these, I see requests from the workstation trying to get straight out to the internet rather than being directed through the proxy.    

The app has no proxy settings in it, and we believe it  must infer settings from Windows system proxy settings.  The network requirements documentation for this package is sort of hilarious--written apparently by developers who've never actually configured a web proxy or IP firewall:  (yes, sure thing Intuit why certainly, we'll be happy to allow bidirectional communication on 15 ports to our lan from 20 shared use internet ip's as well as all subdomains of 5 domains just for this one user of this software in the enterprise!  I mean, what could possibly go wrong there?) .

I have a support escalation with Intuit, hoping to find someone there who can more than spell proxy, but thus far it's been tougher sledding than even most software that struggles with proxies.

If anyone has been down this road, I'd love to hear, as this is apparently pretty popular and cost effective software for corporate tax! We've not yet had to do any WCCP magic for any other software programs and it'd be a shame for this to tip us over into doing that.  Thanks in advance for any shared experience.

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Re: Intuit Lacerte (accountant tax software) vs explicit web proxy - anyone gotten it to work?


unfortunately that is not an uncommon problem. It starts with broken Java Applications which do not use the Proxy settings from system or even ignore the Proxy settings especially made for Java. I have seen Java applications which die as soon as MWG asks for authentication (if they respect the proxy at all...), etc. And it continues with Windows Media Player or Quicktime who respect the proxy settings but have not implemented integrated authentication, causing authentication popups to occur, unless you provide some exceptions.

Sometimes "displays correctly in IE on a DSL line" seems to be the only test that is done :-)

In case it is possible you could intercept port 80/443 on the firewall and redirect it to MWG as a "fall back" to catch such applications or user who try to avoid the company proxy. However it seems to be a bit of an overkill for a single application, so hopefully you can get some positive response from Intuit.

Another options would be to install some software to the computers which use that software, which enforce HTTP to go through a proxy (e.g. by picking up the packets before they go to the network). I think I have seen something similar before. The remaining question is if the application will continue to operate then...



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