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Level 12

Incident manager MWG 7?

Where is the SSL incident manager in Web Gateway 7?  I was watching a You Tube video and it showed the use of a SSL Incident manager.  This is awesome but I do not seem to see it in version 7.0.2

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Level 9

Re: Incident manager MWG 7?

Probably is a different concept from the previous incident manager or probably they haven't implemented it yet, although was quite usefull and talking about enterprise environments, is a must have.. But I was wondering the same... any news ?

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Level 17

Re: Incident manager MWG 7?


as far as I know there is no Incident Manager in v7, but it is planned to have it (again) in the future. Unfortunately there is no specific plan I am aware of.



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McAfee Employee

Re: Incident manager MWG 7?

Check out the rulesets and comments found here:    and here:

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