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Implementing Web Gateway 7.0 as virtual appliance

Dear Experts,

We are in process of evaluation and for that I need to show this web gateway product to our department head, how it works. I need to go for a virtual appliance in test environment, But I could not get any detailed outline and implementation guide for virtual environment.. The guide I found on website is McAfee Web Gateway 7.0 product guide does not explain in deep details about settings of a virtual appliance.

I specifically need to know, if installing in a virtual environment Esxi 4.1 or 5.0, how many virtual switches are required, how many v NIC and physical NIC ? Presently we are running Esxi 4.1 and have  VSwitch 0 and VSwitch 1 on it, there are different vLAN in these two virtual switches and different production machines are running on it. Physically on this hardware there are 4 nic on this physical hardware DL 380 G7. Two physical NIC are working with vSwitch 0 and two are working with vSwitch1.

Now, I need to know details for virtual appliance deployment that Do I need standalone v switch and physical NIC, if yes what are the details, what about promiscuos settings on VMware LAN virtual switch?

I will also explain what we want to test,

- Which employee visiting which website, how much time spent on internet

- protection from malware in real time

- block file by file type

- controlling internet applications like we want to block team viewer

- reporting tool to generate different type of reports

- user authentication from windows active directory

If any other details needed , please let me know, I will provide details.


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Re: Implementing Web Gateway 7.0 as virtual appliance

Here are some videos that can walk through the features of MWG to show or help you understand what MWG can do.

I will send you a PM to tell you how to set it up to show those things to your mgmt.

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Re: Implementing Web Gateway 7.0 as virtual appliance

Hi eelsasser,
Can you please PM me as well for the same scenario

I'm in the process of evaluation as well.

Thank you very much in advance.

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